Ammo Cans Can Do Anything

It’s called an ammunition box, cartridge box, or more simply… an ammo can. It’s clearly labeled, made of metal, and water tight. On top of that, they are reliable, durable, stackable, and relatively cheap. This long lived storage solution can be found stacked up in basements, bug out shelters, bunkers, military surplus stores, and vehicles all over the world. You might have a growing collection of your own.

These basic qualities have made the ubiquitous green, mil-spec ammo can a staple in many prepper’s inventories. Often it’s for storing ammo (that’s in it’s name after all), but these things are great for storing just about anything and everything. Different sizes and shapes of these boxes were produced by the military for various calibers of ammunition, so you’re likely to find one suited for your needs. The 50cal box is the one most people think of when you say “ammo can”, it’s a useful size, not too large, not too small, and with good proportions. A simple steel construction and a durable rubber seal made these not only a complete pain to open one handed, but a rock-solid way to store and organize ammunition, and lot’s of it if needed. You could stack these to the ceiling with hardly a wobble from the steady, metal bricks.

But that’s not what we are talking about here. We’re talking about the popular habit of re-using these things for keeping stuff that [hopefully] doesn’t go bang. Like many good tools, these things will often outlive their original purpose, transforming into a wide variety of products. Things like toolboxes, personal computers, radios, repeaters, stereos, inverters, rocket stoves, geocaches, gaming consoles, and even cigar humidors have started life as a dumb, green box made for lugging brass. Many of these creations are fully custom, one-off modifications by innovative makers and enthusiasts, some even making plans readily available online, but off the shelf solutions also exist for taking your dumb green box to a place of higher learning.