EDC Essentials for Everyday.

Everyday Carry Essentials Explained

We all have our EDC, our everyday carry. Whether it’s a backpack with a full array of self defense and survival gear, a laptop and a smartphone, or simply a wallet and some jewelry, there are those “EDC Essentials”, the items that we need to keep close on a regular basis. Sometimes they’re items you use constantly, and sometimes you just like to be prepared for anything. To further explain, here are a few items that we think are an important part of a balanced carry:

-Tactical pen and notepad

Nothing beats the raw functionality of  pen and paper. Law enforcement, military personnel, creatives, professionals, and everyday Joe’s around the world have benefited from the versatility of a notepad since its conception. Sometimes you just need to get an idea out of your head, or care to log accurate data, or work out a formula on paper, or pass a note discretely. A tactical pen adds flexibility, becoming a weapon or glass breaker in an emergency. We prefer soft-cover notebooks for easy pocketability, and a grid or dot page design over the lined sheets. Afterall, your EDC should be comfortable as well as multi-functional.

-First Aid

Even if it’s just to be the guy with a bandage when it’s needed, a decent first aid kit is critical to any great EDC pack. Possibly saving someone’s life is also a nice bonus. Petroleum jelly, CA glue, tape, bandages, and alcohol are a good place to start, and a compression bandage, some blood clotting agent, or a tourniquet can really step up the hero factor. Does someone you know have a high risk for cardiac arrest [heart attack]? Some nitroglycerin tablets or even chewable aspirin can offer peace of mind in case of an emergency.


One of our top items to carry is a small, easy to pocket light. Something with a simple on/off switch. If you EDC a good torch, you will completely understand how many advantages it gives you. The preference for a simple on/off switch comes from experience, since more often than not, “flashy” features like strobe or SOS functions are just in the way. Low power settings are nice, but LEDs are already very efficient for their lumen output and we always keep lots of fresh batteries handy.


Look up the C’s of survival and “cordage” is one of them. Rope, twine, string, or even dental floss can become the most useful tool in your arsenal when the right situation arises. Fix a broken strap, restrain a person, snare an animal, string up some shade or shelter, cordage is the answer to all these tasks.  LPT: if you have a roll of duct tape, you can twist lengths tightly into very durable rope.


It’s nice to have a sharp cutting edge when you need it. Zip through cardboard boxes and letters, or carve through wood, flesh, or some of that duct tape cordage you just made. Often part of a good multitool, many opt to also carry dedicated cutters in fixed or folding blade design since it never hurts to have a good primary knife as well as a backup knife.

There’s a lot more to it than this, and the best part is there is no wrong answer. Everyone will have their own needs and your carry might be much different. These are items offer a lot of functionality and have found a solid place in our kits and packs.


Do you have suggestions for EDC items not on this list? Write them in the comments below.